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Diversity in Minutes: Best Practices Video Series

June 7, 2016 8:43 am

diversity in minutesDo you want to understand unconscious bias and how to deal with it?

Do you want to know how metrics can bolster your mentoring program?

Do you want advice on how to recruiting women into tech jobs?

Diversity in Minutes is DiversityInc’s new video series tailored to busy professionals looking for best practices on a host of topics. We talk to thought leaders at the most diverse organizations in the country and get their insights on creating more inclusive and more successful organizations.

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Work-Life Management, Not Balance: Wyndham Worldwide’s Chief Diversity Officer Patti Lee explains her insights on the “art” of work-life management and gives advice on how women can appropriately ask for flexibility.


What to Do About Unconscious Bias: Lissiah Hundley, diversity and inclusion strategist for Cox Enterprises, shares her thoughts on the realities of unconscious bias in the workplace, how to face it head on and best practices for overcoming it.


Measuring Mentoring: Marlon Sullivan, talent and development divisional vice president, Abbott, offers his key strategies for using metrics to bolster mentoring and its effectiveness.


The Women-in-Tech Imperative: Rita Mitjans, chief diversity and corporate social responsibility officer, ADP, makes a case for why it’s so important to get more women in technology, including everything from the design perspective they offer to making the workplace more diverse.


Mentoring Basics: Rosalia Thomas, area leader for human resources at IBM, offers mentoring basics on how to create the best mentoring relationships.


Recruiting Women in Tech: Rita Mitjans, chief diversity and corporate social responsibility officer for ADP, offers her strategies for recruiting more women into technical jobs.


Supporting LGBT Movements: Wyndham Worldwide’s Chief Diversity Officer Patti Lee shares her insights on why the company and all employers should support LGBT movements, especially if they want to recruit the best of the best talent.