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Marriott’s Innovative Approach to Hiring Top Talent

October 8, 2015 9:22 am

By Tamika Cody

Sharing stories of how your company made an impact with employees may not come across as a traditional recruiting method, but it might be time to consider this strategy.

During DiversityInc Best Practices Recruiting High Potential event, David Rodriguez, who is the Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resource Officer at Marriott International, explained why it’s important to have high potential talent find you. (See: The Magnet for Cultivating High Potentials)

In the following video, Rodriguez shares why Marriott (No.13 on the Top 50 Diversity list) decided to engage the public with their stories as a way to attract high potentials and why it’s important to switch the focus from pursuing high potentials to having them search for you.


To see Rodriguez’s full presentation — Why You Need High Potentials and Where to Find Them — click here to visit DiversityInc’s Member-Only site.

Visit the 2015 High Potential Events page for a full list of speakers and presentations from DiversityInc Best Practices Recruiting High Potential/Special Awards Event.