Mentoring Fundamentals

June 15, 2016 12:11 pm

Mentoring programs can be organic, but the best initiatives are well thought out and monitored for success.


Here are some multimedia resources for building a strong mentoring program:

Mentoring Basics: 

Rosalia Thomas, area leader for human resources at IBM, offers mentoring basics on how to create the best mentoring relationships.

Online-Dating Approach, ERGs Benefit Mentoring

 Experts share four best practices for creating successful mentoring matches.mentor panel

1. Tap into Employee Resource Groups

2. Mentees Should be Encouraged to Seek Mentors

3. Mentoring Programs Can Support Varied Company Programs

4. Have Multiple Mentors Throughout Your Career

For details on these best practices go to the full story and video here.


Measuring Mentoring: 

Marlon Sullivan, talent and development divisional vice president, Abbott, offers his key strategies for using metrics to bolster mentoring and its effectiveness.

MentoringMentoring Thrives With Defined Goals, Trust

Top companies for mentoring – EY and KPMG – offer tips on building successful mentoring relationships.

A mentoring program can bolster career advancement among underrepresented groups but the most successful ones are built on a foundation of goal setting and trust between the mentor and mentee.

For details on how to set goals and build trust go to the full story here.

EY Mentoring Celebration Bolsters Minority AdvancementMarcus-Holmes-350x219

Sometimes you have to take time out to celebrate and invigorate mentors and mentees by sharing delicious food and great music, and creating opportunities for fun.

To see how one of the top companies for mentoring celebrated mentoring go to the full story here.

Meeting in a Box: Mentoring/SponsorshipMeeting in a Box Mentoring/Sponsorship

This Meeting in a Box tool is designed for distribution to D&I staff, executive leadership council, HR leaders and business partners, employee-resource-group leaders, mentors/mentees and sponsors/protégés.

For information on how to implement successful cross-cultural mentoring and sponsorship programs for high-potential employees from underrepresented groups go to our Meeting in a Box product here.

Difference Between Mentoring, Coaching & SponsorshipThe Difference Between Mentoring, Coaching & Sponsorship

“What is the difference between mentoring, coaching and sponsorship?”

Here’s a primer for you with the help of Sodexo, No. 5 on DiversityInc’s Top 50 list and a company we frequently use to illustrate an effective, results-oriented mentoring program. Go to the full article here.

Mentors vs. Sponsors: How Each Can Help How to Start a Mentoring Program

The two may seem similar but each plays a distinct role in career success and advancement.

DiversityInc spoke with a few mentors and sponsors from its2015 Top 50 Companies for Diversity and one of its Top 25 Noteworthy companies, to get a well-defined understanding of the role of each. Go to full article here.

The DiversityInc Top 15 Companies for Mentoring

mentoringThese companies have high percentages of managers participating in formal, cross-cultural mentoring and significant involvement from senior leadership. Here’s a list of the top companies and also a run down on how they got to the top of the list.