Video: HCAHPS—Why an Engaged Workforce Yields Maximum Reimbursement Dollars With Mayo Clinic (Full)

September 24, 2013 6:54 pm

HCAHPS: Why an Engaged Workforce Yields Maximum Reimbursement Dollars
Misty Hathaway
Director of Marketing and Administrator for the Office of International Alliances
Mayo Clinic

Misty Hathaway, Mayo ClinicMillions of dollars in Medicare payments to hospitals over the next year will be based on the HCAHPS survey of patient satisfaction. How can hospitals deliver higher-quality care, reduce readmissions and earn maximum reimbursement dollars? Learn how hospitals are using D&I to increase and measure employee engagement to ensure better HCAHPS results.




Misty Hathaway

Misty has served in marketing and international roles at Mayo Clinic for 15 years.   As Division Chair for Marketing, she oversees the development and implementation of Mayo’s national and international marketing strategies, including market/customer analysis and research, strategy development, and plan implementation.  She also manages Mayo’s international operations in Rochester, Minnesota, and representative functions for Mayo Clinic outside the United States.   Mayo’s marketing team is spread across Mayo Clinic’s three primary campuses:  Rochester, Minnesota; Jacksonville, Florida; Phoenix/Scottsdale, Arizona.

Misty has strong interests in marketing strategy and innovations, synthesized marketing analytics, marrying analysis to execution, delivering an outstanding customer experience, and building strong team dynamics.  She has a passion for international strategy and has spent multiple years outside the U.S. with fluency in three languages and experience in many others.

Misty has previously served as a program evaluator for the U.S. General Accountability Office (National Security and International Affairs), working from the Pentagon and House Armed Service Committee, and an administrator at the University of Kentucky’s Chandler Medical Center in Lexington, KY.

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