Should Diversity Report to HR?

September 14, 2012 3:16 am


Watch as Sodexo’s global diversity leader Dr. Rohini Anand analyzes at our diversity event the increasingly critical issue of whether diversity execs should report in to HR.

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Video Minutes

0:02:01 Diversity Under HR at Sodexo

0:03:49 Diversity As Its Own Unit

0:06:10 Empowering the Diversity Department

0:11:02 Heeding Company Culture

0:12:22 Working With HR

0:19:40 Developing Diversity Competencies

0:21:11 D&I Governance at Sodexo

0:26:30 No Partnership, No Progress

0:28:36 Hiring-Process Review Panels

0:30:11 Heavy Executive, Business-Leader Involvement

0:31:57 Measuring Diversity’s Impact on Revenue