HR & Legal: Tips on Setting Goals From MasterCard

September 14, 2012 3:27 pm

Donna JohnsonAt MasterCard Worldwide, where diversity management reports to the legal department, diversity, legal and HR all work together to achieve company goals.

MasterCard’s diversity leader Donna Johnson details at our diversity event how the company works with HR, legal and diversity to improve its talent-development efforts.

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Video Minutes

0:04:00 Strong Foundation for a D&I Policy

0:05:27 Setting Measurable Evaluation Criteria

0:06:32 Governance & Accountability

0:09:10 MasterCard’s Eight Business Resource Groups

0:11:56 D&I as Part of Law and Franchise Integrity

0:16:28 Public Policy, Philanthropy, Ethics & Compliance

0:28:04 The Evolution of a Global Policy