How a Liquor Company Benefits From Resource Group for Non-Drinkers

September 14, 2012 10:35 pm


Brown-Forman, the liquor company, realized that some of its employees who didn’t drink for health, religious or other reasons weren’t fully engaged. So the company started a resource group for non-drinkers. Matt Hamel, general counsel and executive sponsor of the non-drinker resource group, and Judy Spalding, the resource group’s founder and co-leader, present at DiversityInc’s Innovation Fest! how this innovative resource group is helping the company.

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Video Minutes

0:00:00 Why Diversity Matters at Brown-Forman

0:01:35 Why a Non-Drinkers Resource Group?

0:09:17 Mission: Acceptance for Non-Drinkers

0:12:47 Benefits to Employees

0:14:06 Changing Corporate Culture

0:17:52 Full Support of Management

0:20:53 Benefits to Company