Web Seminar: Recruitment With EY, Target

May 7, 2012 3:46 pm

Diversity Web Seminar on Recruitment and Hiring Gaps

Diversity management starts with creating workforce diversity, which means solid diversity-recruitment strategies. But recruitment efforts shouldn’t stop on a new hire’s first day. They need to continue throughout the length of an employee’s tenure if companies are to achieve true workforce diversity, said executives from Ernst & Young and Target (Nos. 6 and 30, respectively, in the 2012 DiversityInc Top 50) during our web seminar on recruitment and hiring gaps.

The 90-minute presentation featured DiversityInc Senior Vice President and Executive Editor Barbara Frankel, Ernst & Young’s Americas Director of Inclusiveness Recruiting Ken Bouyer and Target’s Director of Talent Acquisition Damu McCoy.

Bouyer and McCoy both provided best practices for recruitment and on-boarding a diverse slate of candidates and explained why a multifaceted approach to recruitment is the most successful for those looking to build and maximize potential of a diverse workforce.

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Date/time recorded: Apr. 17, 2012 / 2pm EST
Host Name: DiversityInc

Topic: Recruitment/Hiring Gaps
Moderators: Barbara Frankel, Senior Vice President and Executive Editor, DiversityInc
Presenters: Damu McCoy, Director, Talent Acquisition, Target Corporation; Ken Bouyer, Americas Director of Inclusiveness Recruiting, Ernst & Young

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Leveraging Data for Recruitment

DiversityInc Top 50 data shows that recruitment success is closely aligned with accountability for diversity metrics, as described by experts in DiversityInc’s roundtable video below.

Our research shows that accurate measurement of resource-group membership can be leveraged to increase diversity in recruitment and new hires. Companies that follow this strategy report an average of 20 percent more Blacks, 55 percent more Asians, 31 percent more Latinos and 11 percent more women. For more information on resource groups and recruitment, read our exclusive research report on resource groups.

“It all goes back to understanding the recruitment data and being able to embed diversity and inclusion in everything that you do,” Bouyer said during the diversity web seminar.

His firm’s more than 230 recruiters bring in 10,000 new hires a year—5,000 campus hires and 5,000 people at the managerial level. Last year, 1,800 of Ernst & Young’s new campus hires (36 percent) were Black, Latino or American Indian. Read Recruitment: Black and Latino Accountants for more best practices on recruitment at Ernst & Young.

Ernst & Young’s recruitment success follows a three-part recruitment strategy called the “3C approach.” Watch the diversity web seminar above to learn:

  • How consulting with individual recruiters has allowed the firm to proactively improve, and see significant success with the hiring and retention of new employees
  • Why talent development is important in attracting and on-boarding new hires
  • How Ernst & Young leverages its global workforce to provide enhanced work opportunities for new hires

For more on recruitment, read How to Get 150 Top-Performing Black and Latino Candidates Now and Rutgers Future Scholars Enhances Talent Pipelines With Corporate-Student Outreach.

From Recruitment to Retention

Target follows a similar three-tier recruitment framework: representation (select/develop diverse talent), retention (retaining/ building the pipeline) and reputation (communicating its commitment to diversity). As the country’s second-largest retailer, Target has 355,000 team members across 49 states.

During the diversity web seminar, McCoy revealed the company’s primary recruitment tactic, which centers on forming key partnerships with multiple organizations and schools. Watch the diversity web seminar above to learn:

  • How companies can determine which organizations will offer strategic recruitment relationships
  • What types of internships and orientation programs are most effective in on-boarding new hires
  • How Target leverages its mentoring program and resource groups for recruitment

Watch Diversity Web Seminar: Resource Groups for more on how to leverage resource groups for recruitment.