Some Thoughts on the U.S. Elections

August 14, 2017 7:41 am

By Steve Howe

The U.S. elections process has come to a dramatic conclusion. We all anticipated a historic Presidential election, and indeed it was. The campaign was long, contentious and divisive. The election was a nail- biter, with the results unclear until the middle of the night. This morning I encountered many who stayed up through the night watching the results — and yet were here first-thing to join our post-election News You Can Use webcast. Our people were engaged in the election and deeply invested in its outcome.

Many reached out to me this morning with different points of view, some uncertain as to what the future means for America — its inclusion, its embrace of community, its pursuit of fairness and equality and its sense of opportunity. Others were more positive and believed we needed a vote for change. I must admit, I have had my own personal moments of uncertainty.

Today, President-elect Trump, Secretary Clinton and President Obama all addressed the American people. The common theme was moving forward, together. The comments of each were heartfelt — magnanimous, inclusive, humble, generous and supportive. In their comments, each committed to working together for our common good. The peaceful transition of power, a hallmark of our democratic process, has begun. It is a step towards healing and progress.

I personally believe that the business community can and will be a catalyst for healing. We at EY have a special culture rooted in equity, fairness, inclusion, respect and open dialogue. We value everyone — and work hard to enable our women and men to realize their professional potential in a respectful environment. Over and over, we have seen where our shared values and unique culture help us to bridge divides and see us through challenges. As we progress together through this period, please support, connect and dialogue with each other. There is much to learn from one another.

If you weren’t able to join the News You Can Use webcast today, follow the replay link for perspectives on the post-election markets and political landscape. And, over the next coming days, I will share more thoughts in a video blog.

I continue to be proud of how each of you work together to build our unique EY culture which embraces differences and brings out the best in each other. This is fundamental to bringing the highest performing teams to the market, and to our collective success.