Lata Reddy: Building Relationships for That Next Opportunity

October 16, 2015 2:19 pm

By Tamika Cody

Lata Reddy’s solid career as a civil rights attorney led her to work in several facets of corporate philanthropy. It’s a journey that opened the doors of opportunity at Prudential Financial.

When she first started on her career, Reddy worked for the U.S. Department of Education in the New York regional office, where she was an attorney in the Office for Civil Rights. She also held the title of director of finance and legal services at the Council for Educational Development and research.

Over the years, Reddy’s work gave her the opportunity to build professional relationships, which made her current employer, Prudential Financial (No. 8 on DiversityInc Top 50) take notice.

Her first role at Prudential was in 1997, where she managed the foundation’s education grant-making programs, and by 2002, she earned the role of vice president of The Prudential Foundation. While serving in that position, Reddy was responsible for the development of the strategic direction of the grant’s policy and was a team leader of the program.

In 2008, Reddy left Prudential to run an independent consulting practice, where she advised non-profit organizations on strategy and program development. After four years of consulting, Reddy decided that it was time to return to Prudential.

In the following video, Reddy shares why she was tapped for her current position as vice president of corporate social responsibility at Prudential Financial, and president of The Prudential Foundation. It is career advice that anyone on the corporate philanthropy path can use.