Working Abroad Can Be an Asset that Sets Talent Apart: Cox’s Lissiah Hundley

October 19, 2016 1:06 pm

Lissiah Hundley, Diversity & Inclusion Strategist for Cox Enterprises, sat down with DiversityInc for a conversation about her experiences and the value of working abroad.

Hundley said it can be “a huge asset” for those who have talent and are able to serve a “stint” abroad. “It’s a phenomenal opportunity that sets you apart from other talent,” she said.

The opportunity to experience different cultures is not only valuable, Hundley said, but it can be eye-opening, particularly with regard to how diversity and inclusion is looked at differently around the world.

Working abroad provides global experience, she said, especially as companies grow and expand internationally, and are seeking employees who can “bring value-add to the table.”

“Leaders look at you differently when you take certain risks like that, and you’re open to change as well.”

View the full video below.