Walmart’s 2014 Diversity & Inclusion Report

September 2, 2014 2:26 pm

Walmart D&I ReportClick here to download the publication as a PDF.

At Walmart, we are uniquely positioned with our scale and scope to make a far-reaching, positive impact with Diversity & Inclusion (D&I). When linked with our business strategy, D&I becomes a competitive advantage. With globalization and our aggressive growth in international markets, we need a diverse range of talent to enable our business success. We know that diversity is about more than race, gender, sexual orientation and disability. It is about seeking out, celebrating and valuing a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, opinions and styles. Inclusion is about engaging and leveraging the differences and unique strengths of our associates. Having a diverse workforce built upon an inclusive environment results in innovation which drives business growth.

This year, we are celebrating ten years of our Diversity and Inclusion journey. Since the inception of the Office of Diversity we’ve been working hard to build a diverse workforce to better serve our millions of customers around the world. Through our efforts to foster an inclusive environment, each of our associates feels inspired and encouraged to achieve their goals. We have implemented a multifaceted measurement program in the U.S. and have expanded our Good Faith Effort Goals to international markets. We recognize that there is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach to Diversity & Inclusion. Our Customized D&I Plans aim to leverage diversity efforts to drive business strategy in each business unit, including international operations. With our award-winning Women in Retail program in several markets, we have witnessed stronger results for women.

Today, Walmart is one of the most diverse employers in the U.S. Fifty-seven percent of associates are women, and over the past ten years, our people of color representation in the U.S. increased from 29 percent to 39 percent. Forty-five percent of our management associates are women, and 29 percent are people of color. Among our U.S. officers, the number of women officers has increased by 163 percent, and people of color officers have increased by 224 percent.

We continue to be encouraged by our progress and remain focused on becoming a career destination for great talent around the world, including women and people of color. With the dramatic changes in U.S. demographics, and more millennials joining the workforce every day, we’re committed to an increased focus on inclusion and building an even more robust pipeline of talent by offering our associates unparalleled career opportunities in every market.